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Take more control of an uncertain future & embrace energy freedom. SolarSearch has brought together 6 of South Africa's top solar energy companies allowing you to take more control over the "sales conversation".

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Why Solar Search?

We've done the contractor vetting for you.

Looking for a "reliable solar energy" company in South Africa can be challenging in an emerging market where reputations are yet to be established and valuable lessons still to be learned, sometimes at the expense of the customer.

SolarSearch invested 18 months researching the industry, hiring "mystery shoppers" we vetted 37 companies & chose the 6 companies who met our strict criteria.

6 Competitive Quotes.

Our partners understand that you have elected to receive six solar quotes from SolarSearch and thus to stay competitive each will ensure their initial impression is one which ensures a positive response and permission to engage further.

If you need us, we’re here.

SolarSearch take responsibility for your customer experience and thus we manage expectations on your behalf in respect to maintaining a partnership with only the most accountable solar companies.


We understand;

  1. You are busy.
  2. Your solution is unique.
  3. You’re not interested in being "pushed".

Investing in a relationship.

Our goal is to help you choose a partner who will continue to "walk their talk" years after installation. We chose solar partners who focus on long term sustainability and whilst it's difficult to determine a CEO's behavior in respect to "best business practice" we ensure our partners can answer the "hard questions"


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Carbon Mitigation Strategists
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1 million tons of Co2 displaced since 2004

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We offer a vertically integrated lead generation platform with ongoing social media & CRM activity ensuring a confident & informed customer.


SolarSearch will ensure your brand enjoys prime position on Google 24/7.


Our ongoing CRM communications platform keeps your brand and the “idea” top of mind irrespective of the buying cycle.


We guarantee quality leads delivered to you in real time and prepare that lead for your contact.


Consumer pathology has become complex, our strategic partners receive monthly reporting on customer trends.

James McCallum

Carbon Mitigation Strategists
Mobile : +27 (0) 62 448 7316
Email :
1 million tons of Co2 displaced since 2004